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magazinelogosmallMedium Magazine has been put out mostly annually since 2010. It’s a high-quality publication with extra attention paid to design and long-form journalism.

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Editor’s Note

When I pitched my idea for this magazine, just for fun, to former editor Michael Di Leo—how I wanted to celebrate the 40th volume...

From Age to Age

I was five when I decided I would attend the University of Toronto Mississauga. I sat in my father’s lap in my grandmother’s house, where...

How to Make a Newspaper

Every Monday morning, a stack of fresh newspapers appears on stands around campus. But how does it get there? It takes people, planning, programs,...

Getting technical

Student tech has changed, but the tech changes us too. A picture is worth a thousand words, so without further ado... Illustrations by Grace Yip.

The Mountain We’re Standing On

“It was a simpler time. Mississauga as you know it is not how it was then. “Most of Mississauga in those days was apple orchards....

Time Lapse Maps

Erindale college is built on land bought in 1965. Its construction began in 1966, and it opened in 1967. Erindale got more artsy in its...

On the Lislehurst Cricket Pitch

I sat down with the three most recent principals of UTM: current principal Deep Saini and former principals Ian Orchard and Bob McNutt, to...

Faded Glory

"The good old days." The phrase evokes the nostalgia of a simpler, happier time. For the students currently at UTM, those moments may just be...

How to Read the News

For 125 years, the Buchtelite served as the University of Akron’s student newspaper, until in January an announcement was posted on the Buchtelite’s website...

Ragtag Dynasty

Early afternoon. My friend Larissa and I peer out the window of the office at the snowy ground of the Five-Minute Walk. She’s calm. I...

Parting Shot

I was flattered when Luke Sawczak, the Medium’s current EIC, asked whether I wanted to write for this year’s Medium Magazine. I did co-found Medium...


As we flipped through past issues, we found a whole lot of things we just had to write down and repeat. In the print...

Nostalgia Roundup

The following are a few galleries of photos we collected during our research but couldn't fit in the print magazine. We hope you enjoy looking...


Luke Sawczak
Lead Designer
Alex Berceanu
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Consulting Designer
Mubashir Baweja
Photo Editor
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Contributing Editors
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Maria Cruz
Carine Abouseif
Alain Latour
Additional Research
Olga Tkachenko
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Ryan Duquette
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Gregg-Michael Troy

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Editor’s note

There is a spectre that hangs over student media. Actually, all media (including the big-person kind), if you want to get all technical about it....

The underground

I first heard about the tunnel when I was in second year. Nabeel, a friend of mine whose knowledge of the campus I hold...

The Right Honourable Paul Martin

Paul Martin was prime minister for just over two years, but his interests while in office were diverse. In retirement, he has continued to...

Dirty little secret

Getting to Trinity College is the easy part. The building is on Hoskin Avenue, just north of Hart House. If you walk through the Hart...

Brendan Canning’s new scene

Brendan Canning looks like a ’90s rocker. I don’t mean like how Rod Stewart still dresses like 1980s Rod Stewart and should cool it...

Kids these days

A handy guide to what music the leaders of tomorrow are listening to. For all you old folks.

Space Invaders

A mob floods down IB’s main steps. Students turn into classes. Students rush out of classes. They mill around the lobby—talking, texting, snacking—toting laptops,...

The Dating Game

Seduction Lairs On December 10, 2011, 1:32 p.m., I pull open the doors to the Ramada Hotel on Jarvis and Gerrard. I can’t stop thinking...

The zoo diet

Gorilla: high-fibre muffins, fruits and vegetables, alfalfa, tofu, herbal tea, fruit juices, flax meal Ahmad Al-Hendi: “Burrito for breakfast, coffee for lunch, then three free...

The Q&A: Sam Roberts

Consistency is an underrated skill—one that singer-songwriter Sam Roberts has perfected in the very core of his music. With five records, six Juno Awards,...

Fear and Loathing in SOC101

This would have been better high. Totally. Sexuality and society, my forte! Are you writing this? Every word. This needs to be edited. This lecture is perfect for...

Tickle you just right

Kevin Patrick Robbins IMPATIENT THEATRE CO. “Don’t tell me I remind you of Jack Black. Seriously.” Bob Banks MANTOWN, PB & J “Look, just because you like funny dudes...

A post-grad life

I was at a walk-in clinic several months ago, filling out the required information form, when I found myself blanking on what to put...


Michael Di Leo
Creative Directors
Julie Do
Emma Dawn Allain
Photo Editor
Edward Cai
Copy Editor
Luke Sawczak
Contributing Editors
Stefanie Marotta
Nives Hajdin
Larissa Ho
Sophia Leonard
Digital Designer
Gary Li
Video Director
Keenan MacWilliam
Corey Belford
Luke Savage
Kjartan Hewitt
Carine Abouseif
Amir Ahmed
Aristotle Eliopoulos
Lysan Sequeira
Melissa Horn
Rae Maxwell
Thanks to
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Catherine Ferroni
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Mark Overton
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You never know where inspiration is going to come from

In the process of producing this issue of The Medium Magazine, my team and I went through hundreds of topics. We wanted to make...

Young entrepreneurs: Where are you?

Right off the bat, I’ll get right to the goods. Most young entrepreneurs suck: they are filled with lofty, unrealistic goals and typically serve...

How to be a social media sensation

Have you got a lot to say? Do you crave a strong online presence? But are you a complete noob when it comes to...

Fashion beyond Abercrombie & Fitch: Developing your real style

For many of my high school years I was oblivious to real style and just ended up buying whatever I saw in Abercrombie and...

Wardrobe essentials for him and her

Top five for her Double-breasted coat Whether it’s wool-blend for winter or a lighter material to carry you through spring and fall, a double-breasted coat is...

Facing your firsts

There is absolutely a first time for everything, since we’re not born with experiences but rather endure them throughout our lives. When it comes...

The friend zone

Men are afraid of vampires, because they have potentially gay connotations (unless it is a she-vampire—then it’s a different story). Men are afraid of...

Jian Ghomeshi’s Real Cool World

An award winning broadcaster, the host and co-creator of the national daily talk program, Q, on CBC Radio One, Jian also manages the career...

How confident are you?

Take this questionnaire and discover whether you’re a shy, lonely individual, a confident person, or just a high-maintenance snob. Be as honest as possible! 1 When...

Stop talking start running

So you want to start running? Running can increase stamina and muscle strength, and studies show that it seriously decreases body fat. The hardest...

How to plan a trip abroad: Student edition

You’ve actually got to plan this dream vacation, and though you won’t have it all figured out in a matter of days, you have...

Eat play love

...in London, England The city of art and architecture Best season Summer. With the sun setting at 8 p.m., you’ll have plenty of daylight to explore vast...

So you wanna take photos?

SIMPLE TIPS The age of digital cellphone photography and cheap digital cameras has turned everyone into a photographer. Pro-photographer Chase Jarvis says, “The best camera...

Five excellent books

Reading is sexy. In fact, seeing a girl go through some quality Rushdie is stimulating to me in a way that my doctor and...

Putting your best foot forward

Meeting new people is always stressful. Every new person that we encounter comes with possibilities and uncertainties. Maybe the two of you will hit it off,...

Healthy breakfast options

Oatmeal, berries, and almonds This is a fast and easy choice for breakfast, but still contains everything you need to start your day off right....


Saaliha Maalik
Creative Directors
Saaliha Malik
Edward Cai
Photography Editor
Edward Cai
Matthew Filipowich
Copy Editor
Luke Sawczak
Mr. Amir Ahmed
Nives Hajdin
Katherine Luczynski
Razan Khan
Matt Goulart
Lysan Sequeira
Stephen Excel
Saaliha Malik
William Robertson
Advertising Manager
Saaliha Malik
Special Thanks
Jian Ghomeshi
Razan Khan
Paulina Filewska
Paul Donoghue
Mark Overton
Ashley Poitevin
Mariana Comito
Sarah Carney
Mike Manjeri
Mike Teng
Lynne Trang
Danny DiCenzo
Anca Irimie
Governing Council of U of T

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This magazine probably comes as a surprise to most of you.

As far as I know, The Medium never had one before, although other university papers do. Nor has there been a demand for it—try as I may, I can’t hear students clamouring for a Medium Magazine outside of this office. So why did we do it? Why now?

And you’re all set

You’ve somehow established the flimsy pretense of “watching a movie.” Don’t blow it by throwing on Schindler’s List. Now, it’s important to differentiate between a “make-out movie” and a “date movie.” “Date movies” are meant to be engaging, at least for one party.

How many U of Ts?

Like the 900 or so University of Toronto Mississauga Frosh students at the Hart House field during Frosh Week, I was silenced by the chant of “St. George rejects” that the downtown students hurled at us.

Things you need to have. Right this second.

Medium Magazine breaks it down, item by item, exactly what you need to have to get through your daily grind.

From North to South

Remember your first day at UTM? Remember feeling like you’d never find your classes when you realized they took place in more than one building? Here’s your guide to finding your way around UTM.

Confessions of a Stanley Cup champ

Bruce Driver is one of the lucky few who realized his dream of making it into the NHL. We asked him about it.

Best of the nation

As we enter a new decade, The Medium Sports Editor Andrew Tysiak takes a look back and recaps the top 5 Canadian athletes of the 2000s.

The cool factor

Somewhere in the world a boy will ogle at a pair of Adidas sneakers, a grown man at an iPhone, a girl at an Armani dress, and they will all wish they had it.

There’s an app for that

Many laughed when the iPhone was first released. No keypad? Apples gone mad, they said.

How to be an international

It’s your first year at UTM and it all seems confusing. Here's our first-ever guide to UTM’s resources for international students, compiled by Su Lyn Liew, our own copy editor imported directly from Malaysia.

Last chance for romance, also known as how Rich Aucoin stole...

Rich Aucoin started doing this and that, now he's getting in trouble with Dr.Seuss and having a good time.

So you wanna buy a camera?

In the market for a new camera? Medium Magazine's Photo Editor Matthew Filipowich draws out what you should buy.

9* albums for when

You just saw your crusty old professor at a bar. Quick—what do you do? Put on some music of course. Melissa Horn tells you what to listen to when.

Dinner for four

Ever needed to prepare a formal dinner and had no idea where to begin? Michael Di Leo breaks it down for you.


Whoever said "television should be educational" was onto something—all right, maybe not Jersey Shore.

Books you’ve probably never read but should

A varied reading list is vital if you want to come across great fiction or impress cute English majors. After all, you’re not going to understand the shape of world literature by reading Star Wars novels (or even by reading the Western canon).

Why we did it

What do you like? We must have asked over one hundred people that very question, and this magazine is the answer.


Alain Latour
Managing Editor
Michael Di Leo
Creative Director
Matthew Filipowich
Photography Editor
Matthew Filipowich
Assistant Photo Editor
Edward Cai
Matthew Filipowich
Copy Editor
Su Lyn Liew
Andrew Tsyiak
Mr. Amir Ahmed
Su Lyn Liew
Nives Hajdin
Stefanie Marotta
William Robertson
Katherine Luczynski
Ali Kasim
Melissa Horn
Kjartan Hewitt
Advertising Manager
Michael Di Leo
Business Manager
Romano Bergic
Special Thanks
Arthur Di LeoNeill Dixon
Johnson Ngo
Heather Friesen
James Sutherland
Rosà Martir
Nicole Green
That guy at the pizza store

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The Growing Poem: A Day of Life

so still the rising morning as I gaze into the glorious green; an orb of warmth climbs the horizon, a day unfolding in its own shapeless way. the...

Letter from the Editors

Windows are a staple of The Medium office. There’s some meaning to be derived from them about transparency and the search for truth. But really, they’re...


“Don’t worry if you can’t recognize them,” my dad says to my sisters and me as we push our luggage carts around the masses...

Finding Home

It takes me a while to acclimate to Russia’s white nights. As light peers through the windows and drapes across my face, my eyes...

Growing Through Expectations: Taking Back Ownership of Our Own Lives, Successes,...

The names in this piece have been changed to protect individual privacy.  “Do you want to prove them right?”  When I was in high school, struggling...

Trapped in an Unrelenting Mind

It’s 9:22 a.m. A frail adolescent boy sits crossed-legged on his bed. His polo shirt, once soft and bright red, is ripped and stained...

Puppy Parenting: The Joys and the Sorrows

On a cool October morning, I repeat today’s plan to my mom as we drive to pick up Tuco. “The book said I need to...

The Oxymoron of Unsustainable Growth

Growth is a part of the human condition. We must grow to survive in an ever-changing world where new technological innovations are conceived almost...

‘Going Abroad Really Changed Me’: The Year I Chased a Cliché

“Going abroad to France really changed me,” she says. Who is she? I don’t know, because she’s different now. I stand in front of...

Preparing for the Front Lines

When we imagine a career in art, we might picture someone holding a paintbrush and preparing a wooden easel and white canvas in his...

I have this thought about a mountain…

I have this thought about a mountain named Edith.  Two summers ago, a close friend of mine and I hiked as close to the peak...


Co-Editors in Chief
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Director of Design
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