Fear and Loathing in SOC101

A savage journey to the heart of the academic experience. In texts.

LThis would have been better high.


LSexuality and society, my forte! Are you writing this?

CEvery word.

LThis needs to be edited. This lecture is perfect for trolling. Do you think this prof’s gonna notice I don’t have a laptop?

CI’m sure she’s agonizing over it. Sexual revolution, eh? Is that where they overthrow the Jonas Brothers?

LI wish. But only Nick and Joe, not Kevin. I like Kevin.

CShe wants to play music as the students walk into class? Are we actually at a university?

CFlash mob class! Also, a sex and sexuality lecture? Do you think she’s going to hand out condoms after this?

CIf she brings out bananas I’m leaving.

CEvery time she says “genitalia” I think of Jon Lajoie.

CSo New Zealanders kiss with their noses and Eskimos kiss with their eyelashes. Any ear-kissers out there?

CThe French kiss with their tongues!

CThe French were probably responsible for the sexual revolution. They love that revolution stuff.

star[The prof puts up a picture of a model and asks class to identify the sex.]

CWhich model is that?

CKind of looks like the collision of Lindsay Lohan and Cher, but somehow a man.

CSo kind of like Justin Bieber?

CExactly like Justin Bieber.

CHey, how long does this need to be?

CThere’s a “that’s what she said” in there somewhere.

CWe picked the right class.

star[The prof shows a slide with a picture of a church billboard.]

C“Is touching yourself worth an eternity in hell?” Why is Jesus watching me do it in the first place?

CSexual Revolution… “If it feels good do it.” Isn’t that a Weezer song?

CSloan. I read that Rivers Cuomo is celibate.

CReally?? Weird.

CSo women emphasize the love aspect of sex, and men emphasize the fun aspect. I thought girls just wanted to have fun? What a gross misconception.

CIt’s “wanna have fun”.

C“Let’s look at sex between adults.” So we’re watching porn now?

CEvery time she says sex she blushes.

CApparently makeup is meant to replicate the way a woman’s face flushes when she orgasms.

CI see you paid attention in PSY100.

CSo now we know that sexuality allows for human reproduction. Good to know. I was worried that I might be giving birth to orangutans.

CNew Guinea boys perform oral sex on older man because they think the semen makes them more masculine. I guess that would make Sasha Grey pretty manly.

CA million teens become pregnant every year… most do not intend to become pregnant… the rest are on Teen Mom.

CPornography is about freedom of speech? Because people love to talk during sex?

CSo many different kinds of prostitution… apparently one referred to as “social working”. Gotta put that sociology degree to good use somehow.

CThat awkward moment where you tell your parents you could potentially become a sex worker. … Whoa, a nun became a prostitute?

CThat is one long striptease.

CCarla von Ray… Google that shit. She was “God’s sex worker”.

CIt’s the oldest profession. I love how there’s a hierarchy of prostitutes. That’s like having a hierarchy of hobos. I see the appeal, but it seems objectively pointless.

CNot as pointless as this article.

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