healthy breakfast

Oatmeal, berries, and almonds

This is a fast and easy choice for breakfast, but still contains everything you need to start your day off right. Instant oatmeal works perfectly if you only have three minutes in the morning to spare. Make the oatmeal, add some frozen berries and sliced almonds, and you’re good to go.

Classic scrambled eggs

Eggs are a great way to start off your morning. Scrambled eggs are simple but can be great to start your day, and can even be done in a minute. Crack 2 eggs in a microwave-safe bowl, add salt and pepper, stir, and pop it in the microwave (yes, the microwave). Cover and cook for 1 minute and you are set. Add some wholegrain toast with a little bit of jam and you have a complete breakfast.

Fresh fruit salad

Cut up your favourite assortment of fruit and throw it in a bowl. It’s easy as that, and perfect to start your day.

Protein shake

For all you work-out buffs, this one is for you. Add frozen berries, soy milk (it’s healthier than regular milk), and your protein powder. Blend it up and enjoy. Extremely easy but it starts your day on the right foot.

Fruit shake

Start with soy milk and add bananas and raspberries (or your favourite berry). Blend and enjoy. This is high in fibre and potassium, which provides you with a great start to your morning as you get on your way.

Yogurt and fruit

Get low-fat yoghurt (non-fat usually has more sugar) and add some bananas and/or berries to it. This is simple and fast but provides everything you need in the morning.

Generally, stay away from pastries and the infamous Egg McMuffin from McDonald’s that you crave as you nurse your hangover. Also, muffins have empty calories that do not serve a purpose in the morning. It’s basically eating cake for breakfast. Instead, try any of these breakfast ideas and you will begin to see a difference in your mornings. Enjoy—and good morning!

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