The i.Sound Audio Vault

things-audio-vaultAllows you to blast your music while protecting your iPod. The Audio Vault’s universal design makes it compatible with all models of iPod. Two built-in drivers, bass boost and an alarm function make the i.Sound Audio Vault the safest way to carry, play and protect your iPod.

Teal Suede Oxford Shoes

Urban Outfitters

things-teal-suedeLow-pointed oxford in rich suede with tonal laces and a short-stacked heel. Comes with cushioned footbed so your feet will be soooooo happy.



things-moleskineThe perfect notebook. Get it ruled, blank, gridded or even as a calendar. Picasso and Hemingway used one. We’re sold.

Fresh Baguette

any good local bakery
less than a dollar

things-baguetteA fresh baguette? Yes, we’re serious. Sometimes all you need is a good fresh baguette. Go Italian style and pour some extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, some chili peppers and salt to a dish and rip a small piece off your baguette to dip. You can thank us later.

Opinel Knife

things-knifeWhy do you need a knife? You may think you’ll never use it. But trust us, one day you will. When that happens nothing beats an Opinel knife—cheap, reliable, and time-honoured.

Madison bag from Leontine Hagoort

things-madison-bagA refreshing change from all the  ubiquitous Chanel bags out there.

Cashmere scarf

The Bay

things-scarfWe don’t care if you’re a guy or a girl. Girls will be warm. Guys will have women all over them. Get this scarf.

Bodum French Press

things-french-pressThe Medium’s Head-Honcho  Editor-in-Chief Alain Latour is obsessed with this little contraption. A French Press makes some of the richest and most delicious coffee you‘ve ever tasted. Your friends will wonder what kind of expensive barista set up you have, when it was just a cheap, hundred-year old French invention.


things-scotchScotch is the manliest of liquors. The Medium firmly believes that everyone must try Scotch at least once in their life. If you don’t like it, fine, more for us. We reccommend Laphroaig. Smokey as hell. And just as fun.

Shure earbuds SE115

Best Buy

The headphones that come with your iPod or cell phone are usually not that great. Let the audiophile in you come out and splurge on a pair of good earbuds. You might think that spending over $100 on a pair is a little much. We thought the same thing—until we tried them.

Wool socks


things-socksWool socks are better for your feet than cotton socks. They let your feet breathe, meaning no stink, no sweat.  That, and they look like your grandfather’s socks, which is cool. Either way, you need to get a pair.

Levi’s 501 Shrink-to-Fit-Jeans

Levi’s store

things-jeansThe best straight leg, button fly pair of jeans. Actually, second best: ideally you would go for the 1947 501s. But seeing as those can go for up to $300, get these ones instead. They are simple, stylish, and made out of tough denim. Plus, nothing beats sitting in a bathtub to make them fit just right.

Black Raspberry Green Tea

Republic of Tea

Sometimes a nice cup of tea is all you need after a long stressful day of midterms and essay-writing. If you’re feeling adventurous, throw in some vanilla syrup.


as seen on TV store

things-snuggieYep, we went there. The snuggie could well be the most publicly hated, yet most privately loved product of all time. You know you secretly have one, you’re just afraid to admit it. If you don’t, you need to get one now. Who doesn’t love a blanket with arm holes?

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