Sunday, June 16, 2024

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Something wicked this way comes

In anticipation of Hart House Theatre’s latest production, Shakespeare’s haunting Macbeth, we sat down to chat with director Jeremy Hutton and lead actor William Foley, as technical preparations continued into the cold, dark night ahead...

Eagles-White hold court

Considering the final score of 60–45 in favour of UTM White, those who missed the game might think that the game was a runaway for UTM—but that wasn’t the case.

UCS takes a pie in the face

The Blind Duck swelled with enthusiastic volunteers, cheering students on to give whatever they could in an effort to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society. At booths with video games, baked goods, authentic Indian cuisine, and photographs, all proceeds were donated to the cause.

A link between birth control and sexual attraction

When it comes to dating, men find women confusing. What does she find attractive in a man? What are the dos and don’ts of flirting with her? Will she prefer someone handsome or someone rich? Women like to think they know exactly what they look for and that they are in complete control of their “mate choice”.

Last-pitch effort

After a 45-minute delay due to referee problems, the Men’s Tri-Campus soccer team kicked off against UTSC this past Sunday. It was the team’s final game of the regular season, and they were looking to make the playoffs—even though it would require a 7-goal win against the Raccoons, a top-ranked team.

Race to the buzzer

A deliverance for UTM Division 1 men’s basketball may be at hand. After starting the new millennium by winning six championships in seven years, there is an expectation for the team to do well—but the question is, which team will it be?

Ranting: the good, the bad, and the ugly

Ranting means verbally opening your brain and dumping its contents on the table for all to see. They are emotionally charged and usually intense.

UNICEF wraps it up

In celebration of National UNICEF Day, UNICEF@UTM organized a Halloween-themed fundraising event on Monday afternoon outside the Student Centre with their special guest, UTM principal Deep Saini, dressed as a life-size donation box.

Luke’s Languages #3

So, last week I promised you we’d try some do-it-yourself experiments with phonetics (the sounds of language). And I have good news: We will!

What you didn’t know about ADHD

We all have that one crazy friend—the one that never stops talking about the hot girls or guys in their classes, checks their Facebook every two minutes during lectures, and always has something to rant about, no matter how irrelevant.

That’s what she said

If you’re one of Mindy Kaling’s 1.5 million Twitter followers, then you’re already familiar with her bubbly, self-deprecating, pop culture-obsessed persona. And there’s a good chance that you want her to be your best friend.

Art exhibit takes over office space

To mark 100 years since the birth of Marshall McLuhan, the Justina M. Barnicke Gallery’s fall 2011 exhibition series, How Near is Far, honours the achievements of the great Canadian media theorist by featuring a number of works that address the growing permeation of information technology in society.

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