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Volume 38, Issue 5 (October 3, 2011)

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UTM flocks to the grad school fair

UTM students lined up in the RAWC to get into the annual Graduate and Professional Schools Fair held by the UTM Career Centre last Wednesday.

Last Monday, the Language Studies Academic Society held a special meet and greet for members, students interested in joining, and faculty members of language programs.

The UTM Undergraduate Commerce Society set up a tent outside the Student Centre last week to spread awareness and collect donations on behalf of impoverished children in the developing world.

UTM’s CFRE radio station and the Electronic Music Appreciation Club hosted their second annual Subsomnia Pub at the Blind Duck on Thursday night.

The results of the Erindale College Council elections were announced on Monday. Fifty full-time undergraduates were elected to represent over 11,000 students.

Peter Loewen, an assistant professor of political science at UTM, has been working as...

Students and residents filed into the Instructional Centre’s largest lecture hall to watch the candidates defend their platforms.

Language is everything

As a linguistics student, a new member of LSAS, an editor, and a wannabe writer, I’ve come to appreciate just how pervasive, how everywhere it is. We at The Medium deal primarily in it. We sit through lectures delivered exclusively in it. We read...

International students do not pay more for their university education when you take into account the hidden (or, more accurately, brushed over) costs to regional students.

Pub night gets subsomnified

We had a chance to talk to DJ No1da (the moniker of Andrew Griffith) afterwards about preparing for his set, his musical influences, and why CFRE- and UTEMAC-sponsored pub nights are so important to underground musicians like himself.

The exhibition is composed of works by five international artists in both video and print. The works interpret how the modern public sphere is simultaneously bought together and segregated by social media, consumerism, religion, capitalism, and individual human perception.

It’s 4:57 a.m. Nothing went according to plan. Everything is over. People have gone home. Mere hours ago the streets of Toronto were teeming with people eager to take in a night of art in the city during Nuit Blanche.

UTM did not anticipate the popularity of Nuit Blanche—an all-night, interactive art festival now in its sixth year—among its students.

Can’t just have one

Addictions are all about lack of control. A person who is not an addict is in complete control of what they do (e.g., not buying a pair of shoes) while the addiction is in control of the addict.

I actually procrastinated with this article, and the assignments I had due today. But never fear; I’m here to help you stop procrastinating, or at least do it less.

We asked students what rituals they performed when writing essays, taking exams, or just plain studying.

The Hindu Student Council hosted their annual sacred ceremony of Hawan on Monday. A Hawan is a sacrificial ritual involving fire, presided over by a Hindu priest (or “panditji”), who chants the sacred Sanskrit mantras in order to invoke the presence of a deity.

Thousands of undergraduate students in Canada and the United States write this standardized exam at least once in their lives. The MCAT, or Medical College Admissions Test, is often the final hurdle for a pre-med student’s application.

A big year for baseball in Canada

Besides an increase in the total number of Canadians, in the last 10 years 32 Canadians have made their pro debuts, the most since the 1880s. There has also been an increase in the quality of Canadian players over the past decade.

The NBA lockout appears to be headed towards the loss of a substantial amount of games and quite possibly of the entire season.

The MLB playoffs have arrived, and here are two reasons that a skeptical sports fan should give baseball a try this fall.