New academic society hosts meet and greet

Last Monday, the Language Studies Academic Society held a special meet and greet for members, students interested in joining, and faculty members of language programs. The event took place in the Dean’s Lounge, located in room 262 in the North Building, on Monday afternoon. Representatives from the Spanish, French, and Italian clubs were present, offering students and faculty various ethnic pastries and juice.

Students came for free food and to hear about what LSAS has to offer. LSAS is a new society that started up due to overwhelming interest in language studies at UTM, explained the communications director of the French Language Club.

“When I signed up for classes this year, I was shocked at how few language courses are offered at this campus,” said a first-year humanities student.

With the decrease in language classes over the past three years, representatives from LSAS strongly recommend becoming a part of the society in order to promote and show that languages such as German, Latin, and Spanish are in demand and are necessary program choices for UTM students.

Anyone with the passion and desire to learn a new language can be a part of LSAS here at UTM. The society aims to provide students with opportunities, help them connect with peers and faculty members, and promote language studies.

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