You should watch baseball

A baseball fan in Canada amounts to an outsider in the world of sports fans. I never played organized hockey or soccer, so at the lunch table, when I wanted to talk sports with the kids at school, I was usually given a snarky dismissal by— well, everyone. Well, now I have my soapbox (The Medium) so I think it’s time I use it. Baseball isn’t as bad as you think it is, I promise.

The MLB playoffs have arrived, and here are two reasons that a skeptical sports fan should give baseball a try this fall:

1. The Yankees are in the playoffs and you should hate them. We all love to see the villain fail and the hero prevail. The Yankees have earned the moniker “Evil Empire” for consistently spending more than every other team in the league. Root for them to fail; it’s fun.

2. A slow sport means less focus is required. This allows spectators to speak with someone at the bar or have a few laughs with their friends. You could even do a bit of homework or Facebook chatting with the game in the background; the baseball purists won’t hate you for it.

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