Stop procrastinating

It happens to everyone: You’re sitting in your room, the clock reads 2:32 a.m., and you’re just starting the third page (if you’re lucky enough to have gotten that far). Procrastination gets the worst  of everyone; I’ve been known to procrastinate all the time. I actually procrastinated with this article, and the assignments I had due  today. But never fear; I’m here to help you stop procrastinating, or at least do it less.

1. When you’re given an assignment and the due date is far away, do not put it off! Instead, do a little each day, and by the time the due date rolls around you’ll either  be done or extremely close.

2. Set a schedule for yourself when finishing a task—and stick to it! For example, if you’re given a  research paper, set a date to research, set a date to outline the paper, and set a date by which  your paper should be done. Sticking to your schedule will help  you keep in mind of due dates  and avoid procrastination

3. Treat yourself. For example, promise yourself that if you finish your lab three days before  the due date, you will go and get those shoes that you’ve  obsessed about. The incentive of the shoes will push you to finish your work.

4. Get a study buddy! You have to be careful here, though; make sure to study buddy with someone who will motivate and not distract you. Look for a buddy who will make sure you focus and keep you on track.

5. Shut yourself off from distractions. This is easier said than done, but it helps! Deactivate Facebook (not for forever—relax!), just  until you’re done your work. Turn off the phone and put it away.  You may suffer from feelings of nakedness without your phone  and Facebook, but trust me, it’s  totally worth it!

6. If you can’t bear to separate from Facebook and your phone, set  times aside for when you can check them. Every time you finish  studying a chapter or writing a page you can check your Facebook  or phone.

Remember that getting rid of the habit of procrastination isn’t  easy, and it’s not going to go away immediately. It takes work and time.

The best part of less procrastination in your life is the sense of  accomplishment that washes  over you when you walk past the library with your assignment in hand, ready to submit, and you  see the procrastinator you used to be in the form of all those  people stuck in the library  ripping their hair out because they’re nowhere close to being done. All you can do is walk  away and laugh, because that’s not you (and your hair is intact).

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