Monday, March 4, 2024

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HBO primetime signs off

Last Sunday night two of the three heavy-hitting HBO original series came to their dreaded season finales, while Entourage was benched for good after eight seasons.

Medium Visits TIFF

Our reviews of the best TIFF had to offer, along with a look at all the newsworthy moments.

The part-time confusion

This week I was made aware of the history behind EPUS and its complex role in representing nearly 1,000 part-time undergraduate students at UTM. It was a difficult process, to say the least.

Meeting accessibility needs at UTM

At UTM, students with accessibility needs who have medical documentation of their disability have access to the AccessAbility Resource Centre, a student service which is separate from the St. George and Scarborough campuses’ disability offices.

E-reading lacks intimacy

More and more professors seem to be assigning readings in the form of PDF files or online articles instead of physical textbooks.

Symposium for campus leaders

The first UTM Leadership Symposium, a “one-day hands-on introductory session for student leaders on campus”, took place last Saturday afternoon in the Instructional Centre.

Student engagement at Clubs Week

Clubs Week typically runs the entire second week of each semester and covers pastimes and interests for almost every walk of life on campus.

Marketing apps in a mobile world

Electric Courage is a mobile application that helps you to meet and flirt with others in the same location.

Blackwood curates anniversary show

To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Art & Art History program, curator Shannon Anderson devised a collaborative curatorial approach for Viva Voce by selecting artwork, designs, and films created by a diverse group of UTM graduates.

A crash course on athletics at UTM

Built five years ago, the RAWC offers golf cages, squash courts, aerobics rooms, multiple gymnasiums, a running track, tennis courts, and a pool—and virtually everything else you’d want to see in a gym.

Blue brothers: Asare and Prempeh

Whether it be on the gridiron, in the classroom, or at home in Rexdale, Varsity Blues football stars Kevin Asare, a linebacker, and Michael Prempeh, a wide receiver, share a relationship that shows us all what it means to be a teammate, a friend, and a brother.

First Pub thirst at Blind Duck

UTMSU kicked off the year with First Pub at the Blind Duck on Thursday night.

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