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Volume 46, Issue 14 (January 20, 2020)

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Alumni debates on passion

The audience was swayed by the arguments of passion and success, ending in a 58-51 House vote. By a narrow 58-51 vote, attendees at the annual Hart...

Mitchell Huynh was criticized for including Twitter follows and the purchasing of his book in participation marks

University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) students, staff, and faculty came together last Thursday to mourn...

A close look at the Student Mental Health Task Force’s first six recommendations

QSS held unofficial voting for future budgets to anticipate majority, finds members shocked to see SCI model

The city approved a 10-year plan to end emissions

Academic Affairs talks high student intake and removes programs

The political implications of a beard

We’ve all seen it dominating the news, a tragedy that may change Canadian politics for a long time to come. An issue that has garnered strong opinions from all sides of the political spectrum: Justin Trudeau’s new beard. Yes, JT has decided to sport a new beard this...

If the cheapest parking pass is over $700 and can’t guarantee a spot on any given day, something needs to change

Are you all ready for this year’s winter carnival? It’s going to be a doozy....

Mitchell Huynh, a sessional lecturer in the management program at UTM, has made national headlines...

Evening Bird: A poem dedicated to the lives lost on flight...

Dearly to the sun, your serpentine fins embraced bluffs, tripped the morosely linking earth & the heavens with howling wings. // a poet; a feather//- You...

Rebecca is an avant-garde feminist film from the Master of Suspense—stunning, spooky, and sure to leave you reeling by the end credits

The film centers around three sisters and their desires to be independent women in the 1800s

Other Life Formings takes visitors on a visual journey and explores what it means to be alive on Earth

The singer, who has dealt with personal issues in recent years, bares her empty soul on her new album

The Netflix series has created loyal and obsessed fans

Unlike other war films, 1917 captivates audiences through amazing visual effects and cinematography

The George Elliot Clarke controversy

Earlier this month, The University of Regina (U of R) rejected calls to cancel a talk by George Elliott Clarke, a University of Toronto English professor...

Zeynab Asadi Lari was a fourth-year Bachelor’s of Science student at the Univeristy of Toronto Mississauga

UTM professor Dr. V. Firat Bozcali discusses the global implications of the recent US-Iran conflict

Dr. Parra talks about molecular anthropology, precision research, and balanced representation in research

Malti researches how to help children and adolescents become kinder and less aggressive

Volleyball player profile: Brianna Webb

Up until grade 10, UTM athletics and volleyball student leader Brianna Webb’s life revolved around soccer. She played on soccer representative teams all her life—it was...

A recent U.S. study has found that your political affiliation affects how your body responds to moral outrage

Being aware of climate change and witnessing disasters, like the Australian bushfires, raises youths’ anxiety