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Led through strong communication

Tamara Scepanovic, a second-year UTM Life Science student is not only an athletic and dynamic setter for the UTM women’s D-League volleyball team, but...

UTM volleyball reborn

Out of all of the sports offered at UTM, volleyball is one of the most active sports around the RAWC, although it is not...

UTM volleyball crowned intramural champions

After a seven-year dry spell, UTM finally took home a Div 1 championship title after defeating PHE 2–1.

Volleyball winning streak continues

Men’s Div 1 volleyball defeats UC at home.

Comeback season for men’s volleyball

Div 1 volleyball pushes for the win over FPEH.

Dropping the ball

The UTM Eagles men’s Tri-Campus volleyball team played their final game of the season against St. George Black last Tuesday at the RAWC.

Women’s volleyball team gets its first win

The players rebounded in their second outing with a decisive victory over the St. George Gold.

UTM women’s volleyball wins again

The UTM women’s Division Two volleyball team won their game 2–1 against University College (UC) on Tuesday, October 11.

Does the team need a water boy?

I jumped at the opportunity to try out for the tri-campus volleyball team. I wanted to get a feel for the athletic experience at UTM. That, and I wanted people to once again see me as Funny Chris after I wrote this classic article documenting the hilarious event.

Low fanbase an issue for UTM Intramurals

Intramurals play a large part in the lives of UTM student-athletes. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the Intramural fanbase. Sure, UTM has school...

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