Volleyball winning streak continues

The UTM men’s volleyball team continued their dominance on Tuesday night with a home-court victory over the University College team. Three quick sets was all it took for the team to secure their early position at the top of the league standings.


“It’s coming natural,” said team veteran Jason Chan, and it seems he was right. The Eagles looked comfortable as they crushed the opposing side 25–17 and 25–18 before granting UC a meaningless final set. And as if putting on a show for the fans, the home team allowed the third set to be a tad more competitive, squeaking by with a 15–13 win. Even members of the team seemed awed by the ease with which they dispatched their opponents. Following the game, rookie Allan Pain commented, “I had no idea how good this team is. We’re pretty solid.”


The success this season is a result of a revitalized dedication to hard work. “People actually showed up for practice,” said Chan, who also acknowledged that leadership was crucial to their achievement. “We listen to our coach.  He works with us, sometimes one on one.” The system coach Peter Bui created seems to be one that all players are buying into, which is a relief after a 2011 season that did not turn out as many would have hoped.


As Allan Pain put it, “You’ve got to learn the hard way for something good to happen.”

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