This was it. This was the Div 1 championship that has eluded our men’s volleyball team since the 2004/05 season. This was their time.


On Tuesday night, the team, along with fans, travelled to St. George for the U of T Intramurals Div 1 final against PHE.


UTM, ranked second in the league, was up against the team ranked number one. “We beat them during the regular season, so we knew we could win,” said team captain Justin Nguyen. “We came in there confident, knowing it was possible.”


Their confidence was evident in UTM’s game. The players rotated and worked seamlessly throughout each set.


Nguyen is only in his second year, but he shows maturity in his leadership. He admitted that the previous seasons have not been easy, but said the team has grown a lot since last year. “We learned how to play together… we complemented each other. After the season, we became really good friends, and that’s what helped us this time around.”


The season may be over for the boys, but September is not so far away. Though some key veterans will graduate after this term, the younger players have a promising future ahead of them.

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