Tamara Scepanovic, a second-year UTM Life Science student is not only an athletic and dynamic setter for the UTM women’s D-League volleyball team, but she’s also a strong leader with a great attitude. Even though the women lost to the St. George Red 2-1, there’s lots to look forward to for the next half of the season.

Scepanovic, who led all players with 15 set assists, takes her leadership responsibilities seriously. To her, it’s enjoyable leading a group of women who have “an especially good line of communication.” To be a good team, you have to have open lines of communication and be willing to express yourself with a loud voice and confidence. From the sidelines, it’s obvious the women have a great comraderies and leader.

Standing strong in front of the net, Scepanovic keeps a keen eye on every movement of the ball, preparing for the action to come her way. “I touch every ball, and mediate between the passer and the hitter.” She adds that “there has to be a take charge mentality.” Scepanovic is a player committed to winning every battle; she dives and puts herself in harm’s way, knowing how crucial it is to win every point.

UTM managed to keep the score close in every set (25-23, 22-25, 17-25). In the second, St. George’s number 17, Kelsey Fuchs, gave UTM all they could handle with her serves, allowing her team to score on multiple occasions, thanks to the spin and strength she put on the ball. UTM’s Zoe Wright led all players with eight attack kills, while Jessica Maltese was a significant attacking player, helping her UTM squad with one attack ace. Dina Ceren for the St. George Red was a tough opponent to manage, scoring three attack kills, 13 set assists, and adding one block.

Having lost some veteran players in the off-season, the women are doing the best they can with the new faces they have on the court and bench. “We’re only halfway into the season, and the games that we’ve been losing we haven’t been losing too badly. The scoresheet doesn’t dictate how strong we really are,” says Scepanovic.

“Going forward, we have to keep fighting,” Scepanovic says. All the pieces are there to create a successful team—all they have to do is keep learning and battle with the same mentality.

Come out and watch the women play next Sunday, November 27 at UTM. Witness the first serve at 1 p.m. against UTSG Black.

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