UTM women’s volleyball wins again

The UTM women’s Division Two volleyball team won their game 2–1 against University College (UC) on Tuesday, October 11.

After losing the first set 20–8, the women, who play in Division 2, rallied together to win the second game 20–6 and took the third game 20–9.

Kayla Colling’s front row and back court shots helped UTM pull ahead of UC, while Natalie Hamshar and Alex Romeo’s serving runs gave the team an edge over their opponents.

Another huge factor was Anna Grabowiecki’s quick reflexes, which led to many digs, allowing UTM to finish off UC in their last two sets.

“I felt the team played great,” said coach Brittney Gee. “They played as a team and they all cheered for one another.”

Two weeks ago, UTM defeated Pharmacy 3–0 in their season opener. They won their first two sets 20-10, and their last set 20-19.

The Division Two women’s volleyball team plays on Tuesday evenings at the Sports Gym of the Athletic Centre at St. George. Their next game will be on Tuesday, October 18, at 8:05 p.m., against New College.

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