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The style list

The Ghost of Christmas Past isn’t the only thing to be afraid of this holiday season. Pageant hair, super-cleavage, and other heinous holiday style blunders are much more terrifying than an old dude in chains.

The Style List: The New Prep

The preppy revival has continued to grow, and collegiate looks are one of the biggest trends this fall with the emergence of varsity jackets and preppy plaids.

The Style List: Fall in style

Here are six trendy, budget-friendly, and completely versatile must-haves for 2011 to help you stay stylish throughout fall and into winter.

The Style List: back-to-school bags

Between all of the textbooks, school supplies, and other random things required throughout the day, every student needs a practical, stylish, and not-too-expensive bag to carry around their essentials.

Your holiday party clothing solution

In late November, the season of dinner parties for various holidays begins, lasting from the end of classes to New Year’s Eve. Every year, we...

Gettin’ geeky with it

If you’ve ever owned a pocket protector, uttered the words “may the force be with you”, or wanted to “catch ’em all”, you, my...

Fashion without passion

It happens every year around this time: the midterms are piling up, the late nights are catching up with you, and your coffee addiction...

Falling for Autumn style

The fall season is traditionally marked by the lower temperatures, crisp weather, bold coloured leaves, and new and exciting fashions. Long luscious scarves, gemstone...

Be eccentric

One thing that really irritates me about the perception of fashion is the idea of “fashion rules and limits.” I do believe in dressing...

Lights, camera, around the world

Last Thursday, Friday and Saturday night, Style and Profyle performed its seventh annual Fashion and Dance show to a packed Blind Duck pub after...

Style @ UTM

Lysan Sequeira picks out three UTM students who stand out for their fashion sense Who: Alicia Santos What: First-year management student Where: Oscar Peterson Hall Wearing: H&M...

Style on campus: Emily Davidson takes a look at what people...

Kelsey Goldberg Theatre/ Drama Love the scarf and floral sweater, trade the gray (yawn) dress for a bright color and lose the floral dock martins. Try ankle...

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