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Special mention: ugly holiday sweaters are never acceptable.

The Ghost of Christmas Past isn’t the only thing to be afraid of this holiday season. Pageant hair, super-cleavage, and other heinous holiday style blunders are much more terrifying than an old dude in chains. That’s right folks—’tis the seasons for style slipups. Slowly put down that extreme push-up bra and the glitter hairspray and follow these tips to avoid looking like a Christmas tree.

Open-toed shoes and stockings

If you can see your toes, you shouldn’t be wearing stockings. In a city like Toronto where it snows for about four months a year, it’s necessary to invest in a pair of pretty, closed-toe heels.

Pageant hair

If your hairstyle involves both a curling iron and a flat iron, a hundred bobby pins, and a full can of hairspray, you’ve got a bad case of pageant hair. Keep your hair simple and low-maintenance to accentuate your gorgeous eyes and perfect pout.


Taking fashion risks is one thing, but showing the whole party your personal holiday ornaments is another altogether. Enough said.


It’s easy to overdo the glitter  during the holidays. Try to wear one item of sparkle at a time,  unless you want to look like Ke$ha.

“Too tight to move” dresses

There’s nothing more annoying than a dress that won’t let you move around comfortably. Don’t risk being compared to the stuffed turkey at the family Christmas dinner; instead, find a dress that’ll let you pack in a few (say, twenty or thirty) more hors d’oeuvres.

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