Leighton Meester (of Gossip Girl fame) pulls it off. Why can’t you? 1.bp.blogspot.com photoOne thing that really irritates me about the perception of fashion is the idea of “fashion rules and limits.” I do believe in dressing for your body type and, more importantly, dressing appropriately for your age (tweed is for 50 year-old women and pigtails are for toddlers). I am referring to the more common rules, such as “Don’t wear white after Labour Day” and “Always match your shoes with your purse.” In fact, I’ve often worn a white blouse or blazer in the middle of November. I’ve also worn black shoes with a yellow purse.

For some people, rules like the aforementioned are definitely meant to be followed. But think about it. What real harm would come if you did decide to try it out? For you to buy those adorable cowboy boots that aren’t really “your style,” that beautiful jumpsuit that you love but you feel you won’t get use out of, or that brilliant bib necklace that you have nothing to match with. Sometimes it’s subconscious—for example, do you wonder what people will say or think when they see you wearing that? How will you look? How will you feel? Are you trying too hard?
I, along with many other ladies, have struggled with those questions, but after much deliberation (and lots of shopping), I have realized that it really doesn’t matter.

Fashion is meant to be fun, playful and exciting. It is about feeling beautiful, confident, sexy and smart. Forget about the “rules” and go out and buy those cowboy boots, jumpsuit and bib necklace, but maybe not all at the same time. It is a recession after all.

The only thing you really need to be sure of is that you feel comfortable and confident. Confidence is sexy. Think about how amazing and radiant women like Beyoncé, Gwen Stefani and Leighton Meester are. We’ve all seen that girl at the club (or mall, movies, school) who wears a killer outfit. “She looks incredible, but I would never be able to pull that off,” we whisper to our best friend—or to ourselves.

Why? What makes her any different from you? The most important thing is that she’s wearing a gorgeous smile and a huge coat of confidence.
I urge you all to remember this advice and take it with you on your next shopping trip or the next time you’re getting ready to go out. Instead of loving what someone else has the courage to wear, gather up your confidence and buy it yourself Be bold, be daring, be eccentric. But most importantly, be confident.

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