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Volume 46, Issue 7 (October 27, 2019)

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Cybersecurity: How to keep safe

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month and the cybersecurity team at the University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) are highlighting the best practices to prevent cyber-attacks. Like...

The STTPA panel discusses ways IT meets sustainability initiatives

QSS looked at departments with mandatory fees

UTM bus-route favourites improve service stops

Students learn about the real-life experience opportunities on campus

A year after cannabis legalization, edibles are here

Administrators hint at a new response to mental health but strongly defend the mandated leave policy

Joker: A double-edged masterpiece

I heard and read plenty of negative reviews about Joker before finally attending a not yet sold-out, discounted Tuesday screening to actually watch it. Regardless of the controversy surrounding the film, whether fabricated for publicity or real, anyone coming out of the movie will have a lot to...

How the internet has made pornography more addictive

I wish to offer an activity to help you handle stress and improve your physical and mental wellbeing

By formulating an identity based on things that we are not, we lack the ability to define who we are

It’s time to listen to our guts, redefine our image of “ideal success,” and strive for what’s meaningful

The hazardous elevators should have been fixed as soon as they were flagged for being outdated

Photography has defined our sense of self, but falsely by distorting reality and tricking the viewer

Understanding the history of hip-hop

Brampton born hip-hop artist, Noyz, facilitated a Hip-Hop 101 Café at Oscar Peterson Hall on October 22. The session was the second of seven Hip-Hop...

The exhibition at Hart House transforms the way we view university, student life, and our futures

Emma Ratcliff and Samantha Dodds star in Theatre Erindale’s take on Beth Flintoff’s classic drama

From haunted house to pumpkin patches, there’s an event for everyone this spooky season

This painting of Medusa is featured in the Early Rubens exhibit at the AGO until January 5, 2020.

Jennifer Dubrow discussed her new book Cosmopolitan Dreams.

Soulpepper Theatre’s rendition brings new life to Tennessee William’s award-winning classic

UTM launches huge data collection project

Amid the climate crisis and rising concern amongst the academic community and the public, UTM’s Centre for Urban Environments (CUE) is launching a new initiative which...

Anthropology professor Dr. David Samson researches sleep and its role in human evolution

Dr. Baohua Liu talks about the visual system, the mammalian neocortex, and neural plasticity

Award-winning researcher Dr. Azizur Rahman discusses how coralline algae combats climate change

UTM assistant professor Dr. Ruba Kana’an discusses the changing field and her journey to academia

Road to gold cut short for Men’s Soccer

It was a cold and windy Wednesday October 23, in Peterborough as our Men’s Soccer team began their warm-up, preparing for their quarter-final match against the...

A Pediatrics study has found suicide attempts have risen in black teens more than any other ethnic group

UTM Wellness 101 Workshops on Wednesdays at the Wellness Hub are both insightful and inspirational

Having hope throughout treatment is beneficial as it encourages individuals dealing with anxiety disorders

Health and well-being session held at Sustainability Transdisciplinary Theory, Practice & Action conference

UTM Men’s Varsity Soccer headed to OCAA Provincial Championships with big win over Sheridan Bruins