The QSS plans to have an additional advisory group get together to discuss the departments with “opt-outable” fees.

The second Quality Service to Students (QSS) committee meeting, held last Wednesday, discussed department highlights and upcoming events.

Led by QSS Chairperson Nour Alideeb, the meeting started with the election of a 2019-2020 UTM student-at-large representative for the Athletics Governing Council, which resulted in the election of Miguel Cabral, the UTMSU’s Vice-President of University Affairs.

The majority of the committee’s discussions were about departments with mandatory fees like Recreation and Athletics, Career Services, and Student Transportation. Individual advisory groups will meet with the departments to work on improving them.

The departments with “opt-outable” fees like Early Learning Centre and Family Care, Student Life Clubs, and Alcohol Education and Monitoring were briefly mentioned. A single advisory group will get together at a later time to discuss all of them together.

Dean of Student Affairs Mark Overton read a note sent by Erin Kraftcheck, Director of the Health and Counselling Centre (HCC), stating that with over 15,000 appointments every year, the centre has been working towards same day and just-in-time counselling appointments.

“Over the past couple of years, through the QSS process, we’ve been working to increase access to personal counselors by gradually increasing the counselling staff available,” said Overton.

The QSS plans to have an additional advisory group get together to discuss the departments with “opt-outable” fees, instead of having individual groups discuss them.

Nour Alideeb also stated that she would be stepping down as chair and that the nominations and election of a new QSS Chairperson would take place in the next committee meeting.

The next Quality Services to Students meeting will be on November 13.

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