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Volume 46, Issue 2 (September 16, 2019)

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UTM Engage app unites students

Students on campus are being encouraged to download the free “UTM Engage” app. Offering user-friendly interface and convenient functionality, the brand-new campus app will help students...

Students across Ontario gather for protests and consider taking a gap year to pay for their rising tuition

MiWay buses en route to UTM have revised schedules for GO Train connections and the academic term

Poll: Conservatives lead Liberals by less than one per cent

Mayor Crombie bans cannabis retail stores in Mississauga, Board of Trade fights the mayoral decision

UTM Campus Affairs Committee meeting discusses new buildings & economic stability

Editorial: The young voter

Whenever political leaders or pundits talk about how low voter turnout among young people is, they usually criticize political parties for not being accessible enough. But how many Canadians know anything about how our voting system works, or the policies that define our political...

How stress and anxiety should drive, not hinder, an individual in their pursuit of success

Why an education in the humanities should not be undervalued

Reflecting on mass violence in Toronto, the Second Amendment, and the gun control debate

When improving their mental health, a person should focus on what they can do to help themselves

In his article, “North’s new name ignores reality” (September 9, 2019), Michael Lo Giudice argues...

Greek Life doesn’t exist at UTM. At UTM, we have no houses, and you can count the...

The reinvention of Taylor

Taylor Swift just released her seventh studio album Lover last month, and it’s a big deal. It’s the first album she’s ever owned (all her previous...

Valerie Blass’ work exploring visual motifs in modern art is currently featured at the Art Gallery of Ontario

Using jointless robots for precise surgeries

Passionate about her work and highly accomplished, Dr. Jessica Burgner-Kahrs, Associate Professor and Director of the Continuum Robotics Laboratory, joined UTM this spring. The Medium sat down...

UTM professor discusses possibility of crippling U.S.-inflicted economic sanctions being lifted

U of T’s first 99AI challenge makes artificial intelligence education accessible for everyone

¬UTM students express thoughts on opportunities featured at annual Get Experience fair

U of T researcher and psychologist awarded $50,000 grant for inflammatory bowel disease research

The health effects of recreational cannabis use

Cannabis, or marijuana as we all know it, has been legal for almost a year. The drug was legalised across Canada on October 17, 2018, with...

UTM men’s soccer takes tough loss in first home game of season, and first of a weekend double-header

At no extra cost, UTM students have access to several services at the Recreational Athletic Wellness Centre