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Volume 46, Issue 10 (November 17, 2019)

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U of T student leaves degree on GO train

A freshly minted U of T graduate who forgot her degree certificate on a GO train after the November 4 ceremony had it returned to her...

How the student mental health process works at the HCC and how to get help with community services

QSS appoints a former UTMSU president as the new chairperson

With a 99 per cent strike mandate, MiWay is negotiating with the city for a new collective agreement

Lakeview Village, an urban sustainability-conscious project, will redevelop the Lakeview waterfront area

A UTM student seeking mental health support got handcuffed and sent to the hospital back in 2017

The Faith Fair, as part of Faith Week, allowed students to explore different faiths

Editorial: UTM needs more empathy

Last week, we broke a story on campus police handcuffing third-year UTM student Natalia Espinosa at the Health and Counseling Centre (HCC) after she expressed suicidal ideation. Espinosa took the initiative to seek professional help from counselors at the HCC but instead, she was confronted by two police...

It was the morning of October 3 when I was gently awoken from my hospital...

Re: “ISIS in a turbulent world,” November 11, 2019. Dear Editor, I think that it’s incredibly...

Re: “The Bland Duck Pub,” November 11, 2019. Dear Editor, I read your editorial last week regarding the...

The Christmas Market shines bright in Toronto

Set in the Victorian-era, cobblestone-lined Distillery Historic District, Toronto’s Christmas Market creates a remarkable experience for locals and tourists alike. The market is filled with romantic glowing...

The miniseries follow the Fab Five in Japan where they makeover the lives of five Japanese heroes

The play celebrates Hart House Theatre’s 100th Anniversary and the women from the Roman age

Kanye West has a renewed awakening

The playwright and director takes Shakespeare’s famous works’ and gives them a feminist perspective

Hollywood should embrace diversity to grow their audience

The exhibit at the AGO opened conversations about technology, politics, and pop-culture in society

The fight to save baby Eva Batista’s life

At just seven weeks old, Eva Batista was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), a rare disease which attacks the body’s muscles. Batista, who lives in...

Dr. Hillewaert plans to research the role of yoga in Kenyan town

Eva Batista was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy and requires a $2.8 million drug

Dr. Florian Shkurti discusses his inspiration, his exciting research, and the future of robotics

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Mississauga derailment and the miraculous evacuation

Flashfood app offers discounts on healthy food items while mitigating food waste at the same time

Working out men’s health in Movember

The annual tradition of Movember has arrived again, where men’s health is the focal issue all throughout November. A report from Harvard Health Publishing lays out...

Innertube water basketball is aimed to be inclusive of all genders and athletic experiences

Being successful isn’t just about being successful, it’s about failing and learning how to carry on