A freshly minted U of T graduate who forgot her degree certificate on a GO train after the November 4 ceremony had it returned to her by a fellow passenger.

Daniel Listi found the certificate on board the train, wedged between the seat and window, and sent out a tweet calling for the owner of the certificate to pick it up at Union Station’s lost & found. His tweet has since been retweeted 154 times.

Listi even went the extra mile to search for her directly, finding a possible lead on LinkedIn.

“This is random, but I think I have the right person,” Lista said to Samantha, the newly graduated student, on LinkedIn in an effort to find her. “Your profile seems to match up with the degree! Didn’t want all those years and money to go to waste, that piece of paper is important. Congratulations on your convocation.”

Samantha promptly confirmed that it was her, tying the knot on a very lucky happy ending.

Listi took to Twitter with the good news.

“I found THE Samantha on LinkedIn […] she had already called the Union Station lost & found just after I dropped it off and she’ll be collecting her lost degree soon! Happy ending.”

When asked about her reaction to hearing about this admittedly traumatizing incident, Manal Makhdum, a Life Science student at the St. George campus said, “My heart felt heavy just reading about it.”

Sheldon D’Leema, a third-year psychology student at UTM, said “to have worked for many years on my degree through overnights at Robarts library […] just to have lost the certificate […] I would have been inconsolable.”

On Listi’s goodwill D’Leema said, “I would owe them a life debt or at least a coffee!”

 “These acts of kindness only restore faith in humanity,” Manal added. “There is still good in this world, and you should always strive to be a part of it.”

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