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Volume 46, Issue 1 (September 9, 2019)

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New North name

On August 22, the Office of the Vice-President & Principal announced the official name of the North building. In collaboration with the Mississaugas of...

Student startups join the entrepreneurship race and win big

“Non-essential” fees make up six per cent of all incidental fees at UTM

Renovated food court: New food outlets and hang-out spots

Cannabis retail store banned at Mississauga by Crombie, UTM remains smoke-free

UTMSU’s frosh had a beach party, a boat cruise, and Sean Paul

The Canadian Federation of Students Ontario and UTMSU fight the implementation of SCI

Standardized testing is not the key to success

Recently, the Ontario government announced that they would be spending $200 million dollars on a revamped math strategy—one that focuses on a more “back-to-basics approach.” Money spent on education is money well spent. However, the motivations behind such proposals need to be examined. Minister of Education Stephen Lecce placed...

In a competitive market, businesses must adapt to succeed

Why this body trend is unhealthy for women

The new building’s unpronounceable name fails at reconciliation

On January 17, 2019, the Ontario government introduced the Student Choice Initiative (SCI), a program...

Trauma horrifically bursts forth in IT sequel

“Swear. If it isn’t dead, if it ever comes back, we’ll come back too.” Guilt, fear, trauma, regret. These are the real horrors of IT:...

One writer highlights two must-sees this year at the iconic film festival

Family, money, and rivalry; the three ingredients to making a tension-filled movie. Starring Emma Thompson, Helena...

The UTMSU welcomed first-year students with annual five-day ceremony

After a six-year hiatus, the Jonas Brothers return to the music scene for a reunion tour “Only Human”

UTM alumna provides virtual perspective

Unlock your phone, open Instagram, and swipe right. You’ll now see a clear and highly attractive image of your double-chin. Don’t be alarmed. Your front-view camera...

Nathan Leonhardt, a Ph.D. candidate at UTM, recently won a prestigious Vanier scholarship

Indian government imposes month-long military lockdown and communication blackout on Kashmir

UTM professor Monika Havelka discusses the political and environmental aspects of the Amazon fires

Initiative has raised over $190,000 towards research and awareness of fatal disease DMD

Plant-based meat alternatives: A summer hit

The effect of the paradigm shift from meat to plant-based meat-alternative foods has been so powerful that red meat consumption has declined steadily and significantly over the...

Humber Hall of Famer Sonia Carreiro is one of the crucial Golden Eagles working behind the scenes at UTM

Canadian teams and their athletes prove Canada is a force to reckon with, and we’re not sorry about it

E-cigarettes considered safer than cigarettes, linked to recent reports of respitory illness