As we reach September, not only do we return to university, but the crowds of A-list celebrities and Oscar contenders arrive in Toronto for TIFF.

This year, TIFF is hosting a huge number of movies, with directors such as Taika Waiti (JoJo Rabbit), Martin Scorsese (The Last Waltz), and many actors, including the likes of Joaquin Phoenix (Joker), Meryl Streep (honorary gala member and starring in The Laundromat with Gary Oldman) and Lucy in the Sky (Natalie Portman, Jon Hamm) Furthermore, TIFF 2019 will be the first year that awards are given to actors who have changed the world of acting or had notable performances. Joaquin Phoenix and Meryl Streep are among those being honored at the gala event. TIFF will have a long roster of film showings this year and it is very difficult to get tickets for events.

TIFF has many promising Oscar movies, two of which include JoJo Rabbit and Joker. The former is a satirical play dealing with themes from World War II and Nazism. The film follows a young German boy, whose only ally is his imaginary friend Hitler, finding a Jewish girl who his mother has been sheltering. Featuring two Jewish leads (Taita Waiti and Scarlett Johansson), this film looks to stun audiences in a time where neo-Nazis are continuing to spread hateful rhetoric and committing crimes against marginalized groups.

Todd Phillips re-imagines the Joker in this stand-alone DC universe. The film examines what caused the Joker to become the character he is. In an age of incels and mass shootings, this movie will be more than just an average villain story. It looks to be a haunting thriller. Rotten Tomatoes has already rated it at 89 per cent.

TIFF 2019 is going to be a thrilling event. With many stars attending the red carpets, it will surely make the first two weeks at university more bearable. I cannot wait to attend.

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