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Volume 44, Issue 19 (February 12, 2018)

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CUPE 3902, Unit 1 votes in favour of tentative agreement

Following a week of voting to ratify CUPE 3902, Unit 1’s tentative agreement with the University of Toronto, it was announced on February 16...

On February 12, Unit 1 has voted in favour of sending their tentative agreement with the university to a unit-wide ratification vote

Students for Life allege that UTMSU’s denial of club funding violates the Charter of Rights and Freedoms

UTSU and other Canadian student unions received similar packages

Advice for The Medium—an antidote to irrelevancy

I know few who associate Mondays with a fresh edition of the school paper. Even less who anticipate with dread or want, or any feelings at all. The Medium has become irrelevant in the collective mind of UTM. This sucks, not least because we...

Just dance and everything will be OK

This past Friday, Rhythm Performing Arts held an event titled “Just Dance Games Night.” The club, as well as many non-members, gathered in the...

BØRNS performs his notable hits at REBEL night club

The West Wing Weekly podcast is an episode-by-episode discussion of the eponymous hit TV...

The Art Gallery of Mississauga holds ART CRIT, an event allowing artists to critique each other

Theatre Erindale’s second production explores loss and neighbourhood racial divides

Nights are dark, but this podcast will induce true terror. Darkest Night is a...

A scientist bats away barriers at UTM

For fourth-year Ph.D. candidate Cylita Guy, pursuing doctoral studies in ecology and evolution, offered her an outlet to combine her passion for the natural...

Professor Melissa Milkie discusses associations between socioeconomic status and mental health

The equity and diversity class, instructed by Dr. Liz Coulson, hosted a story exchange experience

The first of its kind at UTM, the Outside the Box case competition explored social entrepreneurship.

Coming clean about germophobia

Mysophobia, or germophobia as it is commonly known, is defined as a pathological and irrational fear of germs or contamination. Considering the fact that...

UTM’s Danica Post is in her last year of studies where she will retire her varsity soccer career

Miel McGerrigle Wynne gained great success in her life from both her career and weightlifting journey

The UTM women's basketball team lost by a substantial amount during their game against Humber