Last Wednesday, February 7 the RAWC showcased a basketball match between the Humber College Hawks and U of T’s very own, UTM Eagles.

The Hawks were poised to start the game, the Eagles welcomed them with vicious flight. The game, however, seemed one-sided during the first quarter, and the Hawks were winning by over 20 points.

There was some emotional build-up when UTM’s Akashia Moore fought and stole the ball from a weak pass by the visiting team. Unfortunately, nothing came out of the quick grab. UTM did a good job at acquiring more points in the second quarter, but the Hawks were still winning.

We came out to battle with more fury in the second-half, but a few careless fumbles may have proven costly for any significant comeback. With three minutes to go in the third quarter, the score rested at 67-19 for the Hawks—we are no match.

The game ended 98-31 for the Hawks.

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