A mysterious package containing sex toys was delivered to the University of Toronto Students’ Union last week.

The UTSU has now joined at least seven other university student unions across Ontario in becoming the recipient of unsolicited amazon packages. The packages contained a variety of items such as phone cables, first-aid kits, and sex toys.

The student unions, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and Amazon, have yet to determine the identity or the intentions of the sender.

“We’ve received two very unimpressive dildos,” stated UTSU’s president Mathias Memmel.

He added, “The dildos are blue and white, matching the UTSU’s colours, which was a nice touch.”

Salma Fakhry, the president of the University of Toronto Mississauga Students’ Union (UTMSU), claimed that UTMSU has not received such packages.

According to Amazon and the RCMP, they have been investigating since the incidents first occurred in late November of 2017.

Responding to the investigation, an Amazon spokesperson said  “We are investigating inquiries from consumers who have received unsolicited packages as this would violate our policies. We have confirmed the sellers involved did not receive names or shipping addresses from Amazon. We remove sellers in violation of our policies, withhold payments, and work with law enforcement to take appropriate action.”


According to a recent report by the CBC, the University of Regina first received the anonymous box containing kitchen counter protectors. However, the student union continued to receive up to 40 random items, totaling over $1,000 in value.

Investigations show that the items may have been purchased using untraceable Amazon gift cards. They may also be from distributors in China.

This article has been corrected.
  1. February 25, 2018 at 5 a.m.: Updated with quote from an Amazon spokesperson.
    Notice to be printed on February 26, 2018 (Volume 44, Issue 21).

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