This past Friday, Rhythm Performing Arts held an event titled “Just Dance Games Night.” The club, as well as many non-members, gathered in the Presentation Room of the Student Centre. The night was filled with dancing, games, and food.

Around 20 people participated in this de-stressor event. The event fostered new friendships, whether it be from dancing together or joining in on a board game. The night drew people together and allowed students to drop their inhibitions at the door.

For some, one of the most nerve-wracking experiences in life is dancing in front of others. At face-value, an event like this might seem intimidating. Dancing in front of a group of dancers may force people out of their comfort zones. However, the crowd was welcoming, cheering throughout the evening.

In the left corner of the room, there was a sole pink hula-hoop for participants to try. Near the back wall, food covered a gray table. A twister board lined the floor in the back right-hand corner. People bent, leaned, and slipped onto the floor in fits of laughter as they played.

A smorgasbord of card and board games filled a table at the front right-hand corner—Uno, Sorry, Cards Against Humanity, and more. When people needed a break from dancing, they ventured towards the games table and joined a few rounds of Cards Against Humanity.

People listened to the music and grooved from the comfort of a chair to the mix of oldies, upbeat pop, and music from around the world.

If they found board games boring, people charged towards the foosball table for some action. Students conducted a foosball tournament in the background of the event.

Personally, I lost myself for chunks of time just watching the dancing. When the members of Rhythm played Just Dance, their movements matched the dancers on screen perfectly and it was like watching the performance of a choreographed dance. Even members who didn’t have controllers to play hopped in behind the players and contributed to the dance.

Rhythm Performing Arts hosted a successful event. Playing Just Dance helped people relax during midterm season and let loose in a time crammed with tests, assignments, and essays. The club created a positive environment, so that everyone felt comfortable. They also provided many options for people who didn’t want to dance, but who still wanted to join their friends, de-stress, and maybe watch a little bit of dancing.

Folks collected groups of friends and showed up to have a good time, and that’s what I think the event was all about. No fancy footwork and no pressure to perform perfectly. During a time when stress uproots the worst in us, Rhythm reminds us that it’s okay to breathe, relax, and just dance.

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