Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Tag: Vigil

Candlelight vigil for gay youth

Last week the UTMSU Ministry of Social Justice hosted the four-day event “Expression Against Oppression” to educate the UTM community and spark debate about...

Students show their pride all week

Last week, OUT@UTM hosted UTMs first Pride Week, with the goal of educating and informing students of the struggles and successes of the LGBTQ...

City Centre Candle Light Vigil

Thursday night at Mississauga's City Hall hundreds of people gathered together outside in the sub zero temperature to mourn and protest the West's inaction against...

Mumbai vigil brings UTM together in mourning

Over 100 students gathered in a candle-light vigil to mourn the victims of the Mumbai attacks in November. The event was organized by the Hindu Council, Sikh Student and Muslim Student Associations, among others.

UTM Women's Centre honours Montreal Massacre victims

December 5, 2008 saw the UTM Womens Centre hold a memorial service for the nineteenth anniversary of the Montreal Massacre when Marc Lepine shot...

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