Wednesday, December 6, 2023

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Achieving your new year’s resolutions

As the clock strikes midnight on January 1, 2018, a list of New Year’s resolutions seems to suddenly appear. Every year, it is the...

Alternative ways of learning poetry

Developed by poet Ronna Bloom, the Poet in Community program aims to develop the creative writing interests of students at U of T.  Bloom...

Inequality gap grows

The recent report released on January 19 by Oxfam, a group of almost 20 organizations working in almost 100 countries to fight poverty, reported...

UTM destresses with TREWO

The group hoped to raise awareness about mental and emotional health.

Health on campus

Most students are unaware of HCC’s services

Combatting obesity through advertising?

U of T researchers study effectiveness of health campaigns on children

Controlling obesity through policy

Researchers suggest implementing policies to promote healthy lifestyles.

What is wellness?

To kick off the new year, UTM’s Health & Counselling Centre is leading an initiative called Wellness January, a month of activities promoting health and wellness.

How too much noise can harm your health

It turns out, though, that noise, whether you’re asleep or awake, can really hurt your heart and your brain.

Obsessing over cleanliness

Unfortunately, eliminating germs could be one of the worst things for our health.

Health Science Complex gets donation

Terrence Donnelly, a philanthropist and retired lawyer, donated $12 million to UTM’s new Health Sciences Complex, which is expected to open in August. This...

Health and aging

Many people do not want to look older than their age, but researchers have discovered that looking older may not necessarily be a bad...

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