UTM destresses with TREWO

The Ripple Effect Wellness Organization, in collaboration with UTM volunteers, hosted the “Beat It!” event last week. The group hoped to raise awareness about the importance of staying healthy and maintaining a lifestyle that allows not only for physical but also for mental and emotional health.


After opening musical performances by students from the UTM Music Club, UTM’s principal, Deep Saini, welcomed TREWO to campus. Dr. Kwame McKenzie and Dr. Manish Maingi proceeded with engaging and informative talks about mental and physical health and about heart disease, respectively, explaining to students how to seek help for problems they might be facing. They also gave advice on coping with stress and anxiety.


TREWO aims to raise awareness of both general health issues and specific heart disease.


At the end of the event, the hosts held a raffle of iPads, e-books, and movie tickets, and the attendees enjoyed the music—a small way to cope with stress.

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