What is wellness?

We are only three weeks into 2012… and how many of you have already given up on your resolutions? Each year, many of us come up with goals to improve our lives, but can only struggle to maintain the consistent effort of achieving them. Between healthy eating, working out, doing homework, and quitting smoking, there is an ongoing theme at work here: a positive lifestyle.


To kick off the new year, UTM’s Health & Counselling Centre is leading an initiative called Wellness January, a month of activities promoting health and wellness. Perhaps you need a motivational push to keep you going, or some advice on maintaining a positive lifestyle.


A common misconception people make is that a “positive lifestyle” is all about being active. Rachel Tennant, a program coordinator at the Department of Physical Education, explains: “We want to promote a healthy lifestyle. We want people to incorporate better wellness in their lives. It’s not just an athletics thing; we’re just helping to promote it. Athletics is only a small part.” Several organizations contribute to the HCC’s Wellness January activities.


Last week, the theme was “5 Ways to Wellbeing”, one for each day of the week: take notice, be active, give back, connect, and learn. The Department of Physical Education participated through their Twitter account (@UTM_Athletics) by providing examples and retweeting responses from students.


This week is both Health Week and National Non-Smoking Week. Activities include a running group, workshops such as “Stress Busters” and “Leave the Pack Behind”, a Health & Wellness Fair, and an indoor carnival.


For more information, check out the UTM Health & Counselling Centre’s Facebook page.


Wellness January activities this week:


Monday: Cereal Killers

Tuesday: Green Dot Day, Girl Talk

Wednesday: Stress Busters

Thursday: Health & Wellness Fair

Friday: Leave the Pack Behind, Badminton Tournament

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