Friday, May 24, 2024

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It’s now or never, Toronto

The urgency of post-season baseball has arrived a month ahead of schedule in Toronto, Baltimore, Boston, and New York. A mere three games separate...

“Where were you?” moment for Canadians

It was a moment you will remember for the rest of your life. You can probably recall Sidney Crosby’s “Golden Goal” for team Canada...

Recapping the playoffs in Major League Baseball

This playoff season, the Baltimore Orioles triumphed over the Texas Rangers 5–1 in the National League division in an exciting nine innings, while 2011’s...

Jays 2011 season recap

For Jays fans, this is yet another year where we are on the outside looking in during the playoffs.

A big year for baseball in Canada

Besides an increase in the total number of Canadians, in the last 10 years 32 Canadians have made their pro debuts, the most since the 1880s. There has also been an increase in the quality of Canadian players over the past decade.

You should watch baseball

The MLB playoffs have arrived, and here are two reasons that a skeptical sports fan should give baseball a try this fall.

The Phillies: MLB’s ‘Dream Team’

The Phillies were widely regarded as the most talented team in baseball and the clear-cut favorite to win the World Series. With the fall only a few weeks away, it’s clear that the Phillies are still the team to beat.

Wells’ trade ushers in new era for Toronto

The underwhelming Vernon Wells era in Toronto finally came to an end last month. The Blue Jays traded Wells in a move that many...

Giants win World Series

Another Major League Baseball season has concluded, and this year an unlikely team stands alone as the champion. The San Francisco Giants won the...

John Farrell provides new hope for Toronto

As the Blue Jays spend their 17th straight October jealously watching the playoffs from afar, the front office continues their effort to rebuild the...

2010 postseason: Year of the Pitcher

With two weeks of playoff baseball now in the books, one dominant trend has emerged: the pitching has been sensational. It was evident early...

Doctober? Time will tell

In 13 years, Roy Halladay has done it all on an individual level. He’s won a Cy Young award, appeared in seven all-star games,...

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