Thursday, June 20, 2024

Tag: volume-38-issue-21

Painting the gallery red

Students showcase artwork in annual graduate exhibition at the Blackwood Gallery

3.14 reasons to love pi(e)

The Department of Visual Studies Student Society organized a pie-making session and a lecture on—you got it—pies

Strategy of oversimplification

Kony 2012 gives a distorted picture: insight from an actual Ugandan

The quest for the perfect child

Is it ethical for parents to be able to choose what their baby will be like through embryo screening?


Residence Council hosts event to encourage sustainability

The athletic pedestal

Taking a look at society’s crazy obsession with stardom and celebrities

UTM destresses with TREWO

The group hoped to raise awareness about mental and emotional health.

Wheat: a hard drug

Wheat seems to act on the brain the same way addictive drugs do

Men’s basketball falls short

Their journey ended in a horrific 76–47 loss against Woodsworth College

Disappointed with the union

I wanted to take the opportunity to express my experience as an engaged student at UTM and my disappointment with UTMSU.

Kaiser Chiefs—Start the Revolution Without Me

They took all the best aspects of their old guitar and drum hits and infused some new, if at times odd, electro-pop energy.

Debating student politics

Last week’s debate was just plain sad.

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