You prepared your healthy meals, washed your gym clothes, and made your way to the gym deciding that you’ll undoubtedly have your best workout of the year. You grab a mat to stretch, and then all of a sudden—to your surprise—you’re lying face down swiping through Buzzfeed videos and can’t get up. Here’s some knowledge that’ll make you feel better about yourself: everyone has bad days, lazy days, and just overall unproductive days at the gym. You went with too many expectations; not every gym session is meant to be “the best workout ever” or the day you beat your pull-up record. You’re allowed to be human and chillax.

I guarantee you that every single Varsity Blues athlete has gone to the gym at least once and said, “Screw it,” picked up their bag, and went home to watch Netflix with a box of Oreos.

If the weights aren’t moving the way you want them to—let’s blame everything on the weights—a recent Men’s Health article recommends one of two things: 1. Skip the workout altogether, or 2. Modify the workout so you can do something physically productive while being lazy. If you’re serious about working out, I suggest the second option. Here’s some knowledge I gained from having a gander through “5 Workouts for When You Just Don’t Feel Like Working Out”.

Review the basics

What happens when superstar athletes like Tiger Woods, Christiano Ronaldo, and Tom Brady aren’t as superstar-ish as they usually are? They go back to the fundamentals. Don’t think that push-ups and air squats don’t do anything. Going back to the fundamentals before a workout that demands precise and efficient movement means you’re into being the master of your domain. Don’t feel like lifting weights? Watch yourself do some air squats, a clean and controlled pull-up, or a proper lunge so when you do incorporate weights, the muscle memory will be there.

Focus on recovery

The most underrated aspect of working out is recovery time—as in stretching and treating your body, not napping during class. Mobility is the key to performing your exercises with the largest amount of strength, stamina, and confidence. Your chances of succumbing to an injury will decline dramatically. For example, there are many ways to stretch out your hips, statically and dynamically, that will improve your posture, core strength, and stress levels—check out hip mobility stretches. There is also the foam roller; it’s like a personal masseuse but you can just talk to yourself about your problems, and you don’t have to worry about letting out a little gas. Check it out—it’s literally a cylindrical piece of foam and it’s honestly my best friend. Roll out your entire body and if there are spots that hurt, roll them out even more; it means you’re tight in that region.

Do something fun

Don’t feel like lifting the heavy weights today? Do something good to yourself and shoot some hoops with some friends. Join a yoga class or go for a walk with your dog—you’ll feel good knowing you did something productive.

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