Getting back in the game


With the second semester underway, the RAWC is booming with students who want to get in shape for the new year. (For those of you who still haven’t run into it yet, the RAWC is the Recreation Athletics and Wellness Facility, i.e. the gym). Sadly, after a few weeks this influx of people will die down due to loss of motivation, schoolwork, boredom, etc.


Instead of going to the gym and getting bored of the same routine, why not join a sports team? There are more benefits to being on a UTM team than just staying in shape; it’s a great way to meet new people and build relationships with people who share similar interests.


When asked about his experience playing sports at UTM, student Julian Nieva enthused, “First of all, I credit a lot of my success to my involvement with UTM sports. It brought me closer to people I would have never met. These same people I can classify as long term friends. It also brought a balance to my life. Instead of just studying and partying, being involved with sports showed me a way to spend my time productively in a positive environment.” Currently, Julian plays on the men’s Division 1 basketball team and is the sports commissioner for campus recreation basketball and coed volleyball.


There are opportunities for students to sign up for campus recreation sports or try out for U of T intramural teams at the beginning of each semester. These sports include volleyball, basketball, hockey, lacrosse, soccer, cricket, and field hockey.


Campus Rec sports run throughout the day, and the commissioners do their best to schedule the game times to fit around class schedules. These teams do not hold practices and games are played once per week—great for someone who has a tight class schedule. The U of T intramural sports have tryouts at the beginning of each semester and practice in the evening. There are no fees, and transportation to away games is provided.


Don’t be intimidated by the term “tryout”; at this point the coaches rarely make any cuts, and usually take anyone who is dedicated. Students are encouraged to try out even if they don’t think that their skill level is up to par with the other people trying out. Coaches are experienced and willing to work with players to instruct and improve their skills.


For students who do not want to play on a team, but still want to be involved, there are many other ways to get involved. The RAWC has open gym times for students to play sports such as badminton, basketball, soccer, cricket, or volleyball. There are also drop-in classes that cater to all skill levels. UTMAC hosts home games throughout the semester where students have the opportunity to cheer on their peers and also win prizes. For those looking to get experience and make money, the athletic department is one of the top employers at UTM; there are a variety of positions, and there is always a demand for timers and scorekeepers.

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