Sunday, December 3, 2023

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Disappointed with the union

I wanted to take the opportunity to express my experience as an engaged student at UTM and my disappointment with UTMSU.

The end of an undergraduate career

Profile on UTM graduating student Bobby Diaz, who volunteers working with LGBTQ youth in Toronto.

Getting back in the game

With the second semester underway, the RAWC is booming with students who want to get in shape for the new year.

Get involved at UTM

It’s a real shame when a university student comes out at the end of his university career having gained no more than a degree, don’t you think?

The part-time confusion

This week I was made aware of the history behind EPUS and its complex role in representing nearly 1,000 part-time undergraduate students at UTM. It was a difficult process, to say the least.

There has been an impressive amount…

Dear Editor, There has been an impressive amount of student involvement already in the new academic year. Never before have I seen students so eager...

Students rush to clubs week

The  annual Clubs Week featured societies and clubs from the arts, athletics, charity/volunteer work, religions, politics, sciences, local/national issues, and other fields. Current club...

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