Monday, October 2, 2023

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How too much noise can harm your health

It turns out, though, that noise, whether you’re asleep or awake, can really hurt your heart and your brain.

Album in Review: Echoes of Silence —The Weeknd

The Weeknd’s Abel Tesfaye is good at surprising his listeners.

Awards with Andrea: Golden Globes Edition

Here are The Medium’s predictions for who will win, who should win, and who got snubbed in the process.

Behind the scenes

A look at Cameron Walker and coordination at the RAWC

Society Profile: the Historical Studies Society

This past summer, the HSS underwent a complete restructuring, with a new mandate: to involve faculty and students at all levels in both educational seminars and social events.

Student voice stifled at ECC

On December 1, 2011, the highest decision-making body at the University of Toronto Mississauga, the Erindale College Council, held a meeting to decide on ancillary fee increases for parking, meal plans, and residence at the UTM campus.

Gender equity in varsity sports

The report’s results show that across Canada, males and females each have half of the participation opportunities at university; however, males have an unfair advantage.

New building wins award

The Instructional Centre at UTM received the Award of Excellence at the 30th annual Mississauga Urban Design Awards competition.

A failure to communicate

In the month since the last ECC meeting I have received a large number of requests, complaints, and clarifications about the issues surrounding the proceedings.

Students recommend program changes

Students and faculty members from various academic departments gathered together throughout last week for a series of “town hall”-style meetings designed to address ways to improve the learning experiences offered at UTM.

Tips for keeping New Year’s resolutions

Here are some tips to keep your eye on the ball and finally make the changes in your life you may have wanted, and tried, to make for years.

Tensions run high at the Erindale College Council

On November 24, the UTM Students Union emailed the chair and secretary of the Erindale College Council to inform them that the constitution had been violated by three hours.

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