The Medium holds AGM, fails to reach quorum

Last Tuesday, The Medium held its annual general meeting in DV 3093. As in previous years, quorum was not reached, so official motions could not be passed. About 20 students attended, including regular students and members of UTMSU. After a brief presentation of the financial statements, the rest of the meeting was devoted to a question-and-answer period.

Questions about the operation of the newspaper pertained to its popularity, impartiality, and transparency. Gilbert Cassar, the current president of UTMSU, took a particular interest in the well-being of the paper, and members of both the editorial board and the Board of Directors expressed absolute accordance with these ideals. For now, they said, all of The Medium’s documents, including its financial statements, minutes, and constitution, can be found on its website,

All students are fee-paying members of The Medium and are eagerly invited to contribute to it in all regards, whether it be writing, applying to editorial positions, running for the Board, or, of course, keeping up the standards of the newspaper by catching our inevitable mistakes when they can.

One attendee asked whether quorum would be lowered in future years. Quorum must be reached in order to do so.

Next year’s AGM is intended to take place at a more convenient time for students, for example early in the first semester.

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