Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Tag: quorum

UTMSU and QSS prepare to meet

UTMSU and the Quality Services to Students committee plan to hold a meeting one year after UTMSU refused to meet with them. The QSS committee...

SGM fails to reach quorum

UTSU’s second SGM, hosted on Thursday evening, failed to reach quorum, resulting in the meeting transitioning into a town hall format where students discussed ...

The Medium a hair away from quorum

The Medium’s annual general meeting failed to reach quorum last Thursday evening with only a few members short of reaching the 40 members needed...

QSS remains in deadlock

The Quality Services to Students committee remains in a standstill as UTMSU continues to refuse to participate on the committee, preventing the QSS from...

The Medium holds AGM, fails to reach quorum

About 20 students attended, including regular students and members of UTMSU

QSS budgets delayed

Due to lack of quorum, QSS passes budgets a month later than planned

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