Part-time attendance for meet and greet

Last Friday, the UTMSU VP part-time Ibrahim Hindy hosted a meet-and-greet for part-time students. The goal was to discuss the challenges that part-time students face at UTM. Only a few part-time students, however, walked in and out of the meet-and-greet that was held in room 250 of the Student Centre.

At the last commission meeting, VP part-time Ibrahim Hindy motioned to host the meet-and-greet and asked for a budget of $200 to cover foods and drinks. Hindy claims he sent an email to every part-time student at UTM to let them know about the meeting upon passing of the motion.

Hindy said that it is difficult to say why part-time students didnt show up.

I think part-time students dont spend time on campus. We were hoping to get their ideas at the meeting. said Hindy, claiming he is optimistic about the success of a future meet-and-greet.

Were going to have to try to get in touch with part-time students in other ways.
Hindy is the second vp part-time that has been elected to an executive position with UTMSU.

Last year, VP Part-time Mubashir Ali resigned early in his term and the position was left vacant for the rest of the year.

Since UTMSU has taken on the role of part-time representation at UTM Hindy is the point person for students who have concerns on campus or other related part-time student concerns. Part-time students at UTM dont pay to the UTMSU, but they do pay an amount to the Association of Part-Time Undergraduate Students Union (APUS) which legally represents part-time students at both UTM and at the St. George campus.

The meet-and-greet is the first event held by UTMSU during this academic school year for part-time students.

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