Saturday, September 30, 2023

Tag: part-time

Don’t quit your day job

The thought of completing an undergraduate degree in more than four or five years sounds ludicrous to the majority of us. Every year we...

City council votes against part-time UPass

MiWay to reassess program after summer session that includes both full- and part-time students in the UPass.

EPUS is back

One of the major issues affecting part-time students at the campus is the inaccessibility of the U-Pass

Part-time U-Pass controversy

After being promised access to the U-Pass, part-time students suddenly found themselves ineligible in March earlier this year.

Part-time attendance for meet and greet

Last Friday, the UTMSU VP part-time Ibrahim Hindy hosted a meet-and-greet for part-time students. The goal was to discuss the challenges that part-time students...

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