The heart’s constant search for survival

Always be in search of your own progression to find what truly speaks to you

It is that everything has a single beat. Our mind is in full control, so it shouldn’t be difficult. Like playing an instrument or teaching a lecture—how do the profs not have notes! There is beauty in ability.

Doesn’t matter what you do, or how you got there. Different limes of light, just sometimes, will shine clearer or darker, whichever your fix—I won’t judge. There’s a turning point for everyone during their imaginative stay, their dominance or acceptance now becomes brighter. Becomes? Is that insinuating that the positive need in promoting Locke’s “the self” is something that is given to us, through outside understanding?

Through awareness? Sometimes it just takes an “offer” of—perhaps call it knowledge or escape—to grant a person inner essence. Just maybe, a simplified realization to tap into their senses. Sometimes, connection is muddled though, and either through our own relative choices, past and otherwise, temptations will beget immediate satisfaction.

Our lives are now in turmoil, substandard towards existence. Because of our punitive decisions that characterized the whole decades of our life—have a drink, or smoke some pot. Does making something legal take away the harmful effects? I’m not asking, but smiling, in a sort of simplicity. I think life is full of various escape mechanisms people use to avoid taking responsibility for their actions, or just ways that we live with them.

I’m reading over such an opinion and I recognize the dominance of an indecisive cord, or note, of mismanaged attention to disclosing the truth. Although I do believe that anyone and everyone only needs to be honest with themselves to truly redeem their freedom, we must remain cognizant of outside influences and listen to our blood.

But in all the years I have been at UTM, I realized something today while buying some U of T apparel from the bookstore. My senses told me that everyone sees things differently—so find what speaks to you, and hear your music play.

“Memory is the power to awaken in the mind simple ideas”
— John Locke (1632-1704)



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