Tuesday, April 23, 2024

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The heart’s constant search for survival

It is that everything has a single beat. Our mind is in full control, so it shouldn’t be difficult. Like playing an instrument or...

What now?

Life after university for U of T varsity athletes

How too much noise can harm your health

It turns out, though, that noise, whether you’re asleep or awake, can really hurt your heart and your brain.

Life in the new Panopticon

You’ve seen them before. Those pictures online. The girl holds a camera out in front of her. She pouts her lips, makes sure her cleavage is exposed, and snaps a picture of herself.

How to stay sane on residence

You did the cheers, you danced on tables, you drank too much. Good stuff. Now it’s time to start university and deal with your roommates.

So you think you know Life Sciences?

From March 11 to 13, the University of Toronto will host its first Canadian University Life Science Challenge (CULSC). Organized on behalf of the U...

Life lessons

I’ve noticed that sometimes life seems like a cheesy sitcom where at the end of the day you’re just supposed to learn your lesson...


Death has always been something that I have questioned —something that I use to deny would ever happen within my family. However, the reality...

The city life weekend

Are you the student at UTM who has been on our campus for years but has never been so bold as to venture to...

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