Saturday, July 20, 2024

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Parking deck expansion planned for 2015

The Erindale College Council is considering a motion to extend the upper parking deck in lot 8 by 300 spaces at a cost of around $6.5 million. The project, to be completed by fall 2015, would be financed by having parking fees increase by 3% each year.

UTMSU’s silent AGM

Out of 90 attendees, most of whom were union volunteers, 700 proxy votes were counted; 88% of votes cast represented students who were not in attendance, and who may not have been aware of the implications of their vote.

U of T seeks $2 billion

The University of Toronto recently made history by launching the largest Canadian university fundraising initiative, BOUNDLESS, a $2-billion campaign. U of T president David Naylor announced the endeavour at Convocation Hall on Sunday evening.

Shot at first place blocked

On Wednesday, the men’s Div. 1 White basketball team played against Woodsworth College, a game that decided whether or not UTM White would tie for first place with three other teams, including the team’s home rival, UTM Blue.

Dropping the ball

The UTM Eagles men’s Tri-Campus volleyball team played their final game of the season against St. George Black last Tuesday at the RAWC.

Close, but no cigar

As the seconds on the shot clock wound down, four girls in white spread out around the key. Individually they pressed tightly to guard their opponents.

See you next year

Captain Zak Khan of team “Sunny D” battled for a loose ball in the first of two overtimes, butting heads with “And Then Some” captain Tevin Sutton-Stephenson. The result: Zak got an extremely swollen right eye, which will definitely lead to some bruising.

Going home for the holidays? Lucky!

It’s that time of year: Christmas music is blaring everywhere around you, it’s getting colder, and decorations are popping up everywhere. But what about those who can’t go home and be with the family? Here are some guidelines to still have a good holiday away.

True leaders do the right thing

When I received a mass email in early October from the Office of Student Life, saying “You can attend a leadership conference in Calgary for FREE!”, I was immediately captivated.

Are ya listening?

We’re not walking in a winter wonderland just yet, but Christmas music has begun to play on the radio, at coffee shops, and in shopping malls. From “Jingle Bells” to “Deck the Halls”, the carols and seasonal songs remind us that Christmas is coming in less than a month.

It can feel like all we do is type

Type, type, type. For many of us, around this time of year, it can feel like all we do is type. We type term papers and test notes and emails. We then go and type Facebook statuses complaining about all the term papers and tests and emails.

Luke’s Languages #6

We do so with the concept of “idiolect”. There’s a lot to be said about this. It comes down to the principle that what you say is unique to you. Because of your genes, your culture, your history, your personality, and even your own choices, you have certain habits of speech (and both old and new habits die hard).

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