Sunday, July 14, 2024

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Politics & law: Minority representation

Last Friday, the political science department and pre-law association hosted a “Women in Law” panel discussion at UTM. The event featured guest speakers Erin...

Financial literacy: is there a gender gap?

Last Tuesday, a Backpack to Briefcase event was held at Deerfield Hall, focusing on the role of gender in financial literacy and featuring Candice...

Dishing the dirt on Greek dramatics

With tech week—also known as crunch time—starting next week, Theatre Erindale cast and crew are all extremely busy. I sit down with Autumn Smith,...

Defining the current wave of feminism

Given the recent news of the threat against U of T feminists, after which several classes had to be cancelled as a precaution, I’ve...

Threats target feminists at U of T

U of T has increased security on all three campuses following online threats made against feminists at the university, according to an email from...

Pop culture welcomes feminism

I was never as excited about TV as I was when I first saw the HBO pilot of Girls. At that time I didn’t...

Where are all the women?

UTM’s women’s programs lack participation

Students hold event celebrating women

UTMWC and WGSAG bring International Women’s Day to campus

The new Axe dichotomy

Axe is venturing into a new market, but will today’s girls go for the brand?

Women’s Tri-Campus soccer showdown

On Sunday afternoon, UTM and UTSC faced off for the Women’s Tri-Campus soccer playoff finals at the North Field. In frigid temperatures, UTSC maintained...

Women’s volleyball team gets its first win

The players rebounded in their second outing with a decisive victory over the St. George Gold.

Do women in math and science avoid romance?

A recent study published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin suggests that women who want to pursue a romantic relationship will stay away from science, technology, engineering, and math (also called STEM).

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