edward cai/the medium

On Sunday afternoon, UTM and UTSC faced off for the Women’s Tri-Campus soccer playoff finals at the North Field. In frigid temperatures, UTSC maintained possession for most of the first half and came close to a goal early on when the ball bounced off the crossbar.

A corner kick from UTSC’s #10 led to some activity around the net. UTM countered by taking a great opportunity near the end of the first half, but failed to connect with the cross. In the final moments, UTM’s goalie was caught out of the net, but the team avoided disaster when the ref signalled the end of the first half.

After a second half filled with deadlock, the game went into overtime, since the final score at the end of regulation time was 0–0. UTSC eventually beat out UTM 4–3 in penalty kicks and celebrated their championship win.


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