Monday, October 2, 2023

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NHL off-season recap: Major summer trades

Although this summer has been marked with many free agency signings and talk of injuries, a few blockbuster trades have also taken place.

Music club gets jammin’

The event, held at UTM’s Blind Duck Pub, showcased a variety of student musicians and provided a space for students to hear some local talent.

Upped security at the Instructional Centre

With 18 cameras in total, security guards, and computerized locks on all classroom doors, the newest structure on campus evokes the spirit of the most unnervingly attentive watcher of all: Big Brother.

UTMSU hosts Environment Week

The events ranged from Farmer’s Market on Tuesday, pumpkin carving and Green Arts on Wednesday, and a showing of the documentary Vanishing of the Bees on Thursday.

UTMAC’s Bills outing a big hit

Sunday was a unique experience as UTMAC bussed 53 UTM students from campus to the stadium and witnessed the Bills’ 31-24 victory.

U of T opens the India Innovation Institute

Last Wednesday the University of Toronto announced the opening of the India Innovation Institute, a think tank studying “frugal innovation”.

Hollywood eyes Toronto for filming

Recognizable films that have been shot in Toronto include the Resident Evil films, Silent Hill, Cinderella Man, the Dawn of the Dead remake, all seven Saw movies, RED, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Kick-Ass, and even X-Men.

Nature on campus

We hear a lot about how environmental we are. But how many of us actually know what it has to offer in concrete terms?

UTM Blue defeats UTSC

In their season opener on October 12, the UTM Blue basketball team defeated the UTSC Maroons, the defending champions from last season.

A city under occupation

I hope that the protestors will come to understand that they continue to participate in the very same system they now fight against and that they realize that the bad guys aren’t necessarily those who work on Bay Street (a majority of whom, like the protestors, are just trying to make a living).

An alternative end for rock legends

Unceremoniously, the band posted the announcement on their website, concluding the legacy of the 31-year-old band that changed rock music forever.

New board elected in UTMSU

Fall Board of Director elections are for first-year student representatives, as well as to fill any vacancies that have opened up over the summer.

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